(Large Area Display) Airborne Dual Display

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LAD (Large Area Display) Airborne Dual Display

The 20″x8″ LAD dual display with LED backlight is specially-designed for airborne applications. It provides a dynamic viewing range, from full sunlight reading to night operation with NVG compatibility.

The LAD is the main flight display with full redundancy using two independent 10″X8” displays showing both graphic symbology and other flight-specific operational features. It also supports multiple video inputs to meet mission needs.

The LAD features illuminated bezel Keyboard with optical multi-touch screen functionality.


Main Highlights:

  • Full day/night dynamic viewing range
  • 4 X DVI inputs
  • Full redundancy using independent 2 LCDs and associated electronics
  • Powerful embedded graphic display
  • High reliability and maintainability to guarantee full life cycle
  • Multiple video input standards for flexible mission support
  • Optical multi-touch screen
  • Expandable to integrated Mission Computer


Display Specifications:

Display Type: – AMLCD, 20” X 8″ (2 screens of 10″X8″)
Aspect Ratio: – 5:4 for each screen
Resolution (pixels): – 2560 x 1024 (dual SXGA)
Luminance (fL): – 0.01 to 200
Contrast Ratio @0°: – 1:1500 (typical)


Video & Control:

Video Inputs: – 4X DVI, 4 X Composite In
Communication Interface: – Ethernet, 2XRS422, RS232


Electrical Specifications:

Input Power: – 28VDC according MIL-STD 704D
Power Consumption: – 60W (30W each display)
Power-Up Time @25°C: – Less than 2sec
Built-In-Test (BIT): – Three-levels (Power-Up, Initiated, Periodic)


Mechanical Characteristics:

Dimensions: – 557 x 269 x 69 (W x H x D) mm
Weight: – 9.5 kg
GUI Type: – Illuminated Bezel Keyboard + Optical multi-touch panel


Environmental Conditions:

Environmental: – Meets requirements of internationally recognized military standards
MTBF: – More than 8,000 hours
Cooling: – Natural convection




  • Integrated Mission Computer for customer application, advanced video functions and self-programming
  • GPU
  • Picture-In-Picture