Fully Customised

LCD and LED back lit displays

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Fully Customised LCD and LED back lit displays

Paramount Panels LCD customised LCD displays are designed for the main markets we operate in so we can now offer greater capability to our customer base.

Markets we cover:

Land Vehicles   –   Military Aerospace   –   Avionics   –   Navy

    Paramount panel customised displays offer all you would expect with this product.

    Some of the main points are:

    • Display sizes from 3” to 24”
    • Ruggedised LCD Displays with powerful embedded graphics for airborne use
    • Customised Displays supplied with integrated bezel /panel system
    • Full day /night dynamic viewing range along with EMC RFI protection
    • Sunlight readable and NVG compatibility when required
    • Communication interfaces include Ethernet, 2XRS422, RS232, Mil 1553B, Arinc, USB.
    • Multiple video input and analogue
    • Led Backlit multi-Touch screens
    • High resolution Optical Multi touch Panels
    • MTBF more than 10,000 hours
    • Mil Std-810 Mil STD-461 etc
    • Full DAL-Level B compliance when required
    • Temperature -50 to 85 degrees unaffected by storage temperature.


    Paramount offer all the customised displays you would expect with all types of functionality.


    Resistive Touch Screens:

    Our range of resistive touch screens offer all that is expected of this product. This is the most economical solution for the more commercial applications.


    Surface Capacitance Touch Screens:

    Our scratch-resistant top coat, ensures durability in heavy-use environments and is easily maintained. This type of touch screen is ideally suited for rugged, industrial or military applications. Light transmission is ensured using this technology.


    Infrared Touch Screens:

    IR technology works allows the operator to use gloved hands, a stylus or in fact any object depending on size. IR screens are ideal for harsh environmental conditions


    LED Backlit – Advantages:

    • Greater efficiency (brightness vs. power)
    • Lower cost
    • More durable solid-state design
    • Extended operating and storage temperatures
    • Faster start-up times
    • More cost effective NVIS filtering


    Rugged Displays:

    We produce a range of rugged military displays. These displays are used in within tanks, armoured personnel carriers, submarines, aircraft carriers, helicopters, fighter jets and all types of land, marine, air, vehicle systems.

    As innovators in the rugged display industry, we stay on top of the military’s ever-evolving mobile warfare approach to expertly answer the call for new, highly-advanced display technology.


    Our rugged displays offer:

    • High Brightness
    • Night Vision goggle-compatible (NVIS) LCD monitors
    • Our own designed LED backlighting systems
    • Flat panel optical bonding
    • Display film enhancements
    • High performance video controllers
    • Customized electronics

    some of our products:

    NEW10 – Airborne (Optional Ground) MFD 

    The 10.4” NEW10 multi-functional display with LED backlight. This display is specially-designed for airborne applications. It provides a dynamic viewing range, from full sunlight reading to night operation with NVG compatibility.

    DU5 – 5″ Multi Function Display

    The DU5 is an advanced, state of the art, modern and versatile 5″ Multi-function Display (MFD) unit, based on a colored COTS 5″ TFT LCD, driven by a state-of-the-art electronic unit, for usage in both commercial and military airborne platform.

    LAD (Large Area Display) Airborne Dual Display

    The 20″x8″ LAD dual display with LED backlight is specially-designed for airborne applications. It provides a dynamic viewing range, from full sunlight reading to night operation with NVG compatibility. The LAD is the main flight display with full redundancy using two independent 10″X8” displays showing both graphic symbology and other flight-specific operational features.

    EDU12 Ground/Naval Display

    The EDU12 is a ruggedized screen display, supports simplified functionality for ground and marine-based applications. Designed for operation in combination with platform-mounted weapon stations, this display is the optimal low-cost solution for the display of video and graphics in combat environments.