NVIS & NVG Compatible Instrument Lighting

Our Pillar-Lights and Bridges require no introduction, as in non-NVG compatible configurations, they have been in service for many years. NVG compatible versions of these ranges are readily available and provide a direct replacement facility, which is of particular relevance to cockpit conversions.

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NVIS & NVG Compatible Instrument Lighting

Within our range we also offer direct NVG Compatible lighting caps to fit many other manufactures bases. Post Lights are also available in Standard incandescent lighting versions, with illumination colours in Clear, Red, Green and Amber. Short and long stem versions available.

NVG Compatible Lighting Bezels

For some applications, spatial or other considerations may prevent pillar-lights or bridges from being mounted in ideal positions and this, coupled with the relatively low transmission of their integral filters, may result in inadequate illumination. With the object of over-coming this problem, Paramount Panels have introduced the concept of NVG compatible lighting bezels. Essentially, these are designed as external sources of illumination for instruments, which have no (or have non-compatible) integral lighting.

Paramount Lighting Bezels are planar devices which incorporate a central aperture through which the face of an instrument can be viewed. Illumination from filtered light sources accommodated within the body of the bezel is directed onto the surface of the instrument through optically designed facets in the wall of the central aperture.

In order to simplify attachment, bezel-fixing holes are positioned to coincide with the instrument mounting holes.

The minimal thickness of the bezel (nominally 6.0 mm) and its’ external shape, which generally follows the contour of the instrument case, restricts to a minimum any interference with the viewers’ line of sight. Flying leads are normally provided for the purpose of electrical connection, it having been established from experience that this method is usually preferred for lighting conversion applications.